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GROUP SHOW: OKUYAMATO MIND TRAIL Museum in your mind (Nara)

Tan and Kimura Press is pleased to announce Mitsunori KIMURA is participating “OKUYAMATO MIND TRAIL Museum in your mind”- Tenkawa(Nara Prefecture, Japan). The group show will take place from October 9th to November 28th at Yoshino, Tenkawa, Soni, Nara prefecture 9.10 – 11.28, 2021 mindtrail.okuyamato.jp

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佐藤克久 猪狩雅則

The Man Absorbing Oil (Limited Edition)

Black, Color — Mitsunori Kimura, Tan Ru Yi

"Minimal Contrasts" by Mitsunori Kimura & Tan RuYi.